Life Is Short. Do Something Amazing Now.

This might end up being more of a list. Or, it might be an actual article.
Who knows?
Let’s see.
Indeed, life is so very short. 
Working long hours can be crushing.

So what shall we get out of it all? A sore back, a hangover and indignation at some wasted effort? May I suggest something amazing for your day, your night, your week, your month, your year, your whole life?
If you’re a so-called “creative” professional, these should mostly be easy.

  1. Do the wrong thing. Write or design against type, fashion, or ego. Try hard to be so wrong it’s amazing. Worst typos, letter spacing, layout, grammar, etc., and at the end, see if you can notice  something worth the world’s interest and time. I bet you can.

  2. Sing while you work, until somebody at the next desk or next door begs you to stop. Be sure to sing something you love so much it’s worth singing at the top of your voice.

  3. Hug somebody – ASAP. And hey gentlemen, hug without that back slapping, punching. Just hold — and hold long, even longer than you think you should. Get completely uncomfortable.

  4. Like to listen to music while you work? Find some new, scary music (research a site you’ve never been on) and work to something experimental and totally out of your comfort zone and genre preferences.

  5. Sit perfectly still, relax your body, and breathe from your belly (inhale, hold and release) to a count of 5, 5, 5 and do three sets. Then increase to 6, 6, 6 and then 7, 7, 7… Repeat as necessary to recharge, calm, and relax yourself. 

Yes, I’ll get to some actual creative, branding ideas now for you, too.

  1. Ask the client/agency exactly what they’d like and follow it — to the letter. And see if at some point they pass out or actually ask what you’d prefer to do.

  2. Run for political office. Do your own Facebook page, minisite, donation funnel, and yes! You can finally stand out as much as you want — because at long last, you’ll be the client and the agency. Be and do something important that serves others. Shake things up. Make this a better world.

  3. Offer to do the next client campaign by you going door to door, or walk the street with a sandwich board. Put yourself out there for real, vulnerable, and quickly find out how much you believe in what you’re working on.

  4. Say, write, design something or take a photograph of something really vulnerable. Personally, branding, business, anything. Go to the very heart, naked, exposed, fragile, dangerous, personal, scary, and be the truth. Let it all hang out…And see how the public responds.

  5. Stop reading this right now and tell someone how amazing, smart, beautiful, wonderful, talented and loveable they are. And hang up, walk away…don’t wait for a response. How did that feel?

How is your work going now?
At this point, I feel pretty sure you’re getting the idea. If work isn’t letting you push the envelope, play or stretch enough, do it anyway. In your own world, in your own life.
Do something amazing, all the time.
However, “amazing” doesn’t have to be big or world-changing. It can be quiet, simple, and change a single moment, like a smile, a hug, or serving food to a loved one or friend.
Just thinking amazing every day is a good idea. Up your game, light up the world around you, make yourself feel like more, create the impression of increase with everyone you meet.
Last, never stop learning how to learn. Ever.