Why Choose Us?

When it comes to the best marketing firms, many believe a boutique agency is the provider of choice. Quite a few associate the word boutique with a small clothing store that sells exclusive items, yet it actually refers to any business that serves a specialized or sophisticated niche. This type of agency tends to be smaller than its competitors, offers more personalized service, and is more cost-effective for the client.

Remember the movie Jerry McGuire? This film is about a boutique sports agency, with Tom Cruise serving in the role as the agent. He offered personalized service, one client at a time, and that’s what a marketing firm of this type strives to do.

The marketing industry continues to grow in ways most people never imagined. Twenty years ago, people never would have envisioned smart phones being in the hands of the majority of adult Americans, yet this is where the majority of consumers turn when they wish to obtain information about a product or service. As a result, businesses need to find new ways to market to consumers, making use of cutting-edge techniques such as Google AdWords  or SEO campaigns.

As each brand is unique, every marketing campaign must distinguish itself from the crowd. Doing so can be difficult, as consumers are bombarded with ads and information everywhere they go. The boutique marketing firm works to overcome this, using unique strategies to attract attention for their client. A boutique firm develops these strategies, never making use of a cookie-cutter approach.

A Boutique Marketing Agency is the Perfect Size

One reason many business owners state they choose to go with a big agency is they feel a larger group has more resources to assist them. In actuality, these companies are often characterized by inflexibility and inefficiency. When a problem arises, a client may not know who they are supposed to contact because so many people play a role in developing a campaign. In addition, receiving an answer to a question or concern can take longer when working with a large agency, as they are dealing with multiple clients simultaneously. The sheer volume of accounts handled by each individual in the firm can lead to delays, which should be of concern to any business owner.

Boutique firms, in contrast, are recognized for their quick turnaround. When fewer people work on any campaign, it’s easier to know who to contact with a question or concern, and campaigns are usually launched in less time, as there aren’t as many individuals working on the campaign. The approval process for any campaign is easier also, and a campaign can be quickly adapted if it isn’t producing the desired results.

Another benefit of choosing a boutique firm is the client has more control over the services used. With a large company, predetermined packages are typically offered, and a client must choose between these packages, paying for items they don’t need or sacrificing items they do to save money. This isn’t a concern with a boutique marketing agency, as they offer more flexibility in the selection of services.

One major advantage of boutique firms is the low overhead. Big agencies must be fully staffed to meet the needs of their clients, and they must provide benefits to keep good workers. Rent tends to be expensive on the large offices used by these firms, and their utility costs can be very high. These aren’t issues when a company chooses to make use of a boutique firm.

Employees of the boutique firm work from their own home a majority of the time. For those companies that do maintain office space, the rent tends to be lower, as fewer people need to be accommodated. Many clients are surprised to learn they are speaking to the CEO when they call in to a firm of this type, as these companies often do without the support staff seen with bigger providers. Any savings achieved can then be passed on to the client.

So what are you waiting for? Call a boutique agency today. If you need a referral, I know someone...