How To Win As A Brand

We believe the brand that contributes the most value to society wins

Advertising is an exchange. Let’s not fool ourselves. People don’t line up to hear about products and services. People line up to get something of value. The best advertising gives the audience a gift. We give them entertainment, a promotional offer or an emotional experience in exchange for their attention or consideration.

Leading brands earn “Share of Heart”

Millennials and “aspirationals” have disrupted the traditional marketing funnel with new measurables. Today’s fastest growing brands are earning emotional connections by contributing their influence to make the world a better place – as an advocate for your family, your values or your cause. We can’t ignore this consumer impact. We must quantify it.

Brands are like people

Like people, brands are never received well when they only talk about themselves and ask for things. Rather than first thinking about how we can extract value from our customers, let’s look for new ways to add value. It might sound counter-intuitive, but it works. When your brand gives value to your customer first, they will promote you much better than you can promote yourself.

D. Brian