Is FOMO Clouding Your Judgement?

By Jim Mitte

Are you afraid that your online marketing is missing out on valuable customers? Certain companies - such as that yellow directory periodically delivered to your home - prey on your FOMO or fear of missing out. The right marketing company doesn't need to use scare tactics, they work with you to ensure your advertising money is bringing in reliable, quality leads that help you grow your business. Let us ease your FOMO. 

Their Print Directory Scare Tactic: "If you don't act now, you are missing out on customers and crucial listing opportunities, this could be the last book!"

  • Obsolete Marketing Solution: Within their sales pitch they are admitting this platform doesn't work. If it was generating sales and leads, this wouldn't be their last book. 

  • The Reality:  The truth is, for many of the yellow directory customers, they have already received their last book. Using an internal algorithm, they predict which houses are most likely to utilize their print directory and only deliver to those locations. They use this system because there just isn't enough money to deliver everywhere. This is an outdated style of marketing that even they are phasing out.  

Their Website / App Marketing Scare Tactic: "If you don't pay for our advertising, you will not be found by customers searching for your business on our proprietary website and app!"

  • The Reality: When was the last time you downloaded an app or typed in a web address to search a directory? Most customers are typing their inquiries directly into the Google search bar.

Alleviate Your FOMO
A good marketing company does not need to use your fear of missing out as a sales tactic. These are the practices of a company that has fallen behind on the times.